Vacant N.Y. Home Explosion; Gas Suspected

Two people suffered minor injuries as a result of the Long Island explosion.
0:52 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Vacant N.Y. Home Explosion; Gas Suspected
Nobody was seriously hurt in fact the only injury to speak job. Was that of a woman who lives next door. Who was taken to the hospital for chest -- no surprise perhaps because neighbors tell -- the explosion was terrified. It happened just over -- Howard golden. Hired two story house destroyed. By the blast again nobody was inside in -- the house was vacant at the time. Uninhabited. According to Hempstead fire chief -- for. Us. Early I believe -- under full closure. All we did a search worried about squatters. All assets and we were -- -- just about fifteen -- doused with both cameras and physically inspecting and -- -- 100. -- While I -- Baghdad this time I mean so obviously something went home but I don't know what that's one of moss they need to do their investigation.

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{"id":18618206,"title":"Vacant N.Y. Home Explosion; Gas Suspected","duration":"0:52","description":"Two people suffered minor injuries as a result of the Long Island explosion.","url":"/US/video/vacant-ny-home-explosion-gas-suspected-18618206","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}