Vegas Prosecutor Busted for Crack Cocaine

Former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert sentenced to nine months in jail.
1:12 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Vegas Prosecutor Busted for Crack Cocaine
Clark County district court judge Carolyn Ellsworth said former prosecutor David Shubert would not be receiving special treatment and she didn't give it to -- He was sentenced to three years' probation for his felony drug charge and must serve the first nine months in the county jail. Schubert's attorney pleaded with the judge asking for leniency and -- his high profile client has faced enough humiliation. Shubert is no stranger to the corporal but on the other side of things he -- prosecution -- -- the highest profile drug cases in Clark County eight. Including terrorist -- And Bruno Mars -- lost his job as a prosecutor following his drug arrest last march and accepted a plea deal in the final that would get him probation. Something that angered the Clark County court system. Another judge took -- not the case in December saying he didn't agree with that and judge Ellsworth. Call -- -- offensive before handing down schubert's jail sentence. The judge said as an attorney -- took an oath to god. To uphold the law and he didn't do it she called him in disgrace. -- was -- channel thirteen action news.

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{"id":15811329,"title":"Vegas Prosecutor Busted for Crack Cocaine","duration":"1:12","description":"Former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert sentenced to nine months in jail.","url":"/US/video/vegas-prosecutor-busted-crack-cocaine-15811329","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}