State Tells Schools to Dump Native American Mascots

Washington State Board of Education wants to do away with mascots such as "Warriors" or "Braves."
3:00 | 09/29/12

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Transcript for State Tells Schools to Dump Native American Mascots
-- Renton high school students will proudly tell -- and -- currently in use but the only visible symbol outside his graffiti. The school doesn't have a mascot dressed up on the sidelines there are no feathers or face paint. Excellence include how we treat people and so we've worked very conscientious about making sure that that everything we're doing it's it's not offensive to the extent that we can ensure that's the case. And we want again everyone to feel comfortable all students to feel comfortable attending right. -- the state board of education is asking schools to stop using native American symbols. Half a native American students dropped out in the board believes changing mascots could help kids feel more connected. -- -- -- -- -- In Renton the Indian mascot honors outstanding graduate Henry Moses of the do -- -- we have -- The spirit of Henry -- event every single year in the spring and actually we have always one of our native students comes up -- -- who who is this man. And how did we come to be the Indians and we need to -- we need to respect that at all times. If the best way to show respect is with change that this offending people and they don't -- -- be acting that should get rid of the school says it will considerate. But for now we want to be Indians we're proud of they believed respect comes in keeping their Indian name Molly Shen -- for news.

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{"id":17357025,"title":"State Tells Schools to Dump Native American Mascots","duration":"3:00","description":"Washington State Board of Education wants to do away with mascots such as \"Warriors\" or \"Braves.\"","url":"/US/video/washington-indians-native-americans-baseball-symbol-school-us-17357025","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}