Man Admits to Shooting Terminally Ill Wife

Donald McNeely says his wife asked him to shoot her on several occasions.
1:45 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Man Admits to Shooting Terminally Ill Wife
Crime tape surrounds the home of Donald and Linda McNeely he called police saying -- shot his wife as she slept under a blanket in the living room. Today crime tape is replaced with flowers this is not a typical shooting not a typical murder. -- united snow that his wife has been suffering with cancer fare quite a long time and -- I think an inoperable brain tumor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 54 year old Donald -- -- is wearing prison Green held on suspicion of first degree murder. But defense attorney Donald -- and drove to judge your honor. These -- tragic and unique circumstances circumstances detailed in court papers for months ago his 25 year old daughter says she -- her mother -- -- me. In the -- -- 911 McNealy told the operator he couldn't stand it anymore. And he told detectives his wife fell asleep on the sofa. He got a gun and sat next to her for two hours before pulling the trigger the prosecutor calls that murder and asked for a half million dollars bail. This is very sad. And unique circumstance your honor I don't think there's any reason why this man poses a risk that -- -- failure to appear. War -- any -- going forward to the community. George Campbell he worried about the -- guns in the house and -- -- rule tomorrow on release if those guns are removed. And a neighbor says that -- daily -- for at least she won't Laurie. You know he's not a monster he's not a bad guy he's not someone should be. Scared as I mean he -- I think he really felt that his wife was suffering.

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{"id":15936176,"title":"Man Admits to Shooting Terminally Ill Wife","duration":"1:45","description":"Donald McNeely says his wife asked him to shoot her on several occasions.","url":"/US/video/washington-man-admits-shooting-terminally-ill-wife-15936176","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}