Wheelchair Won't Stop Boy's Racing Dreams

Four-year-old Aiden Youngblood refuses to let spina bifida slow him down.
3:00 | 03/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wheelchair Won't Stop Boy's Racing Dreams
Story of a little boy with limitless potential and a passion for life that most of us only wish we have -- true this is our boom favorite story of the day. Before year old was what was spite of this -- but it's not slowing him down and all and that is caught the -- of a paralympic coach who was helping a little boy. Achieve his dream we have more now from Aaron -- from our station in Spokane. Whether he's cruising through the -- or shooting for two started about so when -- have. This first of the -- supporters -- -- basketball you'll find four year old aid in Youngblood without his hat. Or his smile but he found a local sports -- now watching football and basketball would then every day but last year a blue state he found a new love him to think -- want -- go -- -- -- -- -- Into -- and what they were doing. And he's even been practicing the positions in his regular chair pair. Olympic coach Teresa Skinner saw that gleam in his IA agent tell me one skills. Like everyone else is telling and made the call for anyone can build -- -- -- it would definitely be beat Mary. Legal experts are so late 1 evening at the -- -- office -- surprise the young athlete with possibly the smallest racing chair ever made. I do not expect the care and I'm -- and -- The New Year's baby who was born with an early expiration date and came miles of the scary we've got a lot of students without this -- my. Made another lead experts thought he never would have three years -- had ten surgeries. Not once letting spine -- -- Fidel with -- -- on the brain slow him down in fact he's going faster now than ever before. He is are really -- -- -- picking up for a little things they have to do to make the chairman of around. Pair Olympian and Berlin Weber roll back and forth with the new racer. Knowing first hand the difference the gift will make. This helps confident can -- something to compare. From the beginning -- -- which he could not do in his time all of that and much more and like always his parents are going to have to try that much harder. To keep up I'm gonna have to give you any serious. For -- a -- for HD news I'm Aaron Luna.

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{"id":18627843,"title":"Wheelchair Won't Stop Boy's Racing Dreams","duration":"3:00","description":"Four-year-old Aiden Youngblood refuses to let spina bifida slow him down.","url":"/US/video/wheelchair-stop-boys-racing-dreams-18627843","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}