Winning Lottery Ticket Lost?

Conn. man claims he won the Powerball drawing, but has lost the ticket.
1:45 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Winning Lottery Ticket Lost?
Bell -- super -- it's a popular market here in Stamford even more popular lately. Since the city's sanitation workers says he bought the 254 million dollar ticket and one. Only problem you'll never believe this he can't find the ticket was the 254 million dollar winning tickets sold here. Sunni Patel says she's been asked that question at least 254. Times over the last day and a half -- still -- -- in this instance how many times I just tied to and I cannot -- She says there's a big problem he says -- his number but he can't find that ticketed that all tickets I don't know what to say. How upset was. Look like him and I he came to my time -- looks that lottery officials say no one has claimed the ticket didn't tell you what he wanted to do with the money. I -- because right now he sits -- tickets song. -- that's -- I'm the ticket regular customers say this place has a reputation for selling many winning tickets and they weren't kidding I got out of any yet. -- -- -- -- -- out so go you want any intimate and and that my parents but they tell you played much Marion Dallas. The latest -- this week they're seeing new faces coming in to buy tickets I -- if you like three to customer that it came in Kiki let -- is hoping -- the next big lucky winner. With the most -- one. A 400 dollars. They're good scratch offs. There are delighted -- almost five times while regular powerball winners are jealous that their ticket is no good they say they truly hope. That the winner does find -- ticket and claims the money. On the scene in Stamford -- Logan news eight.

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{"id":14888191,"title":"Winning Lottery Ticket Lost?","duration":"1:45","description":"Conn. man claims he won the Powerball drawing, but has lost the ticket.","url":"/US/video/winning-lottery-ticket-lost-14888191","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}