Witness Testifies in UNC Student's Murder Trial

Student body president Eve Carson was kidnapped and killed in March 2008.
1:49 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Witness Testifies in UNC Student's Murder Trial
This afternoon Lawrence Alvin Lovett watched as another friend took the stand to testify against him. Jason McNeill told jurors he was trying to change his life and testifying to get a sentence reduction in federal court for on related crimes he says the man he knows as Alvin -- -- told him early on the morning of march 5 2008. Lovett and Demorrio out water rushed eve Carson as she governor card Chapel Hill his plan to Uganda's to -- C and more you. Had done in the back seat. And he caused honest. The -- -- -- testimony gradually became even more gut wrenching as he described eve Carson's efforts to get out of the situation she found herself that. The UNC student body president apparently tried to reason -- captors as they were using her ATM card to withdraw money. He suit notes because it was in the back seat she was -- Politeness by renovating had to do would -- don't. Although investigators and the medical examiner found no signs Carson was sexually assaulted. McNeil says there were sexual overtones in the crime Demorrio -- and won a close. And Danone touches us and -- about it. McNeal says -- told him they killed Carson because she saw their faces -- notified them. She apparently realized what they planned and tried one last time to Alter her -- Vote even Chinese foreign issues and -- -- she wanted to improve she's in Peru the day after the murder McNeil says he saw -- with a handgun that's been identified as one of two years to kill eve Carson. He says -- told him he shot -- repeatedly from head to toe but she was still alive and talking. And that's when Atwater stepped in with a shotgun. Good morning would have stood over top with a forcing gays. And -- nonstick until assurances. And we explained she wouldn't choose. He says he no longer independent -- --

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{"id":15157467,"title":"Witness Testifies in UNC Student's Murder Trial","duration":"1:49","description":"Student body president Eve Carson was kidnapped and killed in March 2008.","url":"/US/video/witness-testifies-unc-students-murder-trial-15157467","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}