Woman Accused of Plotting to Kill Husband

Florida woman allegedly asked fellow nurse's aide to kill her estranged husband.
1:19 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Accused of Plotting to Kill Husband
She wanted me to either -- or husband or find somebody who -- Brendan Harris told us she's still shocked by Doreen door frames outrageous demand I at first thought that she was on something that I just and now she -- her husband you know heart she was angry at him -- whatever. Court records show -- friend and her strange husband of two years or on the outs he had just sold their home -- -- oranges crane lakes subdivision for 72000 dollars and didn't split the money with -- -- and as promised. Paris' -- friend approached him with the promise of 25000. Dollars from her husband's insurance policy to murder him. Jewish trying to hire me because she thought that because I had -- passed that on I was always going to be that bad guy. Well I'm not. Parrish called her husband and told police according to the arrest report -- Frey confessed to her murder for hire plot -- was arrested she bonded out Saturday. Her family wanted no part of our story she lives in this house with her daughter and grandchild I think it's horrible that's scary to refrains neighbors know her well -- -- -- my sister -- -- creatively since. -- that's what we call her because. She says -- she's very unstable. Parrish is just happy he was able to turn -- -- in before she found a real hit man I just don't -- happily the rest of my life knowing haekkerup -- somebody from being held.

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{"id":15964343,"title":"Woman Accused of Plotting to Kill Husband","duration":"1:19","description":"Florida woman allegedly asked fellow nurse's aide to kill her estranged husband.","url":"/US/video/woman-accused-plotting-kill-husband-15964343","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}