Woman Dies Paragliding on Vacation in Florida

Connecticut woman, 28, in tandem with husband fell to her death after her harness broke.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Dies Paragliding on Vacation in Florida
Tackling the -- vacation to South Florida was supposed to be about fun in the sun. But when she and her husband Steve and headed out on the water for Paris sailing excursion Wednesday. Beings turned tragic. Runners up in the breakaway and unfortunately. -- -- Kathleen -- some fifteen stories into the water below. She had been flying in tandem with their husband but his heart -- did not fail. Operators of the -- realty and Steven and circled back for Kathleen who was later pronounced dead. At the hospital -- half of the city. We're deeply saddened because of this incidents that should have been prevented. And so we're gonna look and do we -- -- -- city to again put pressure. On the state level so we can have guidelines and we can have inspections. -- these things don't occur anymore. The operators of the boat appeared distraught as detectives collected evidence -- -- crucial -- the -- that attaches to the Paris sale. Here you see only -- -- -- the other appears to have been ripped away from its red straps. Friends of the couple gave local -- these photos they say -- and Kathleen were on vacation from Connecticut and had been married only a few years. Meanwhile the company that took the couple out. -- blast water sports operates out of the -- -- whole -- in pompano and would only tell local -- on the phone. That the investigation. Is still under way.

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{"id":17018424,"title":"Woman Dies Paragliding on Vacation in Florida","duration":"3:00","description":"Connecticut woman, 28, in tandem with husband fell to her death after her harness broke.","url":"/US/video/woman-dies-paragliding-vacation-florida-17018424","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}