Woman Killed by Cannon: 911 Call

Richard Fox allegedly fired a homemade cannon, killing girlfriend.
1:58 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Killed by Cannon: 911 Call
Polluted it's -- -- we're looking. The -- and you hear this frantic 911 call is this -- seen in this video arraignment. 39 year old Richard fox has been in jail since Tuesday morning for the death of his live -- girlfriend his voice in a panic here. 200 think you know -- I'm really bear little I want apparently. Homemade cannons but as her work in -- went out -- possible opponents of that mountain and peninsula and then. -- What Clinton would doom the rich an elephant man -- -- and get some towels or something it and put some pressure on the land okay. And then you -- He entered a plea of not guilty to the explosion debt that is in Oklahoma contrary that killed this woman his girlfriend 38 year old -- -- gar. In court prosecutors said both fox in -- -- were drinking with three other men inside the trailer with fox stepped outside to ignite the improvised mortar device. A homemade cannon that looked like this but 26 inches long with a fuse at the bottom. Prosecutors say -- fox with the device it exploded the two shattered it sent shrapnel flying through the air. One piece of shrapnel flew through the -- on the trailer and a cigar who was seated inside the trailer was hit by the shrapnel in the upper chest area and she died moments thereafter. Their four year old daughter was sleeping just feet away. In the courtroom today the gallery was packed with family and friends outside their friend told ten news it was an accident I know them both very well. And rising and -- and -- here. She comes here and that's why I'm here to -- -- -- -- the judge ordered bail be set at 3.5 million dollars. Here outside of the courthouse a family friend says the couple's four year old daughter is now in the care for grandparents. If convicted fox faces life without the possibility of parole. -- -- courthouse Jennifer Jensen ten news.

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{"id":15885608,"title":"Woman Killed by Cannon: 911 Call","duration":"1:58","description":"Richard Fox allegedly fired a homemade cannon, killing girlfriend.","url":"/US/video/woman-killed-by-cannon-911-call-15885608","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}