World Trade Center Spire Section Hoisted Into Position

New York City tower's 408-foot spire will make the building the tallest in the Western hemisphere.
2:18 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for World Trade Center Spire Section Hoisted Into Position
-- section of the new aspire for won the world trade is set to go into position today. It's got a seven flying above the tower crews were pouring concrete yesterday as a first step for adding the 408. Foot -- it will raise the height of world. Of one world trade 21776. Feet. Eyewitness News reporter Philip office like now in lower Manhattan -- -- that 408 what's buyer comes in eighteen sections in the first section eight is actually the heaviest almost seventy tons that was hoisted from the ground level. All the way up to the top of one world trade today that -- the spectacular. Physical -- but. The emotion of the act and emotion of this day was intense as well. Even at 7 AM the World Trade Center site was busy hard hats everywhere excite. Was in the air we're getting very close to end of a long and wonderful journey. The first and heaviest piece of the 408 foot tall spire was about to be hoisted to the top of one world trade. We had to make sure everybody's in their proper location. Everybody is safely. Work things out and -- that's -- good to -- we give the signal and they go this signal a simple thumbs up. In all eighteen sections of the galvanized steel spire were delivered here smaller by truck the larger sections by barge all of them came from -- back. That section right there weighs just under seventy tonnes at 8:15 AM -- began its thirty minute historic trip to the top. It was slow and meticulous but eventually news copter seven shows the final destination. People stopped to take pictures on their way to work even those working here at the site pause to honor the significance of this moment. -- means a lot to all of us who really -- shows the resilience. The region. The country and even the world. It doesn't seventeen more sections to go to -- a construction tells us. The 408. Buyer should be completely and -- and ready to go sometime in the next four or five months but. Seventy ton section that you just saw head up to the top of one world trade could be set in concrete as early as next week. That is assuming the weather and the winds cooperate. A lot in lower Manhattan but what about seven --

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{"id":17943692,"title":"World Trade Center Spire Section Hoisted Into Position","duration":"2:18","description":"New York City tower's 408-foot spire will make the building the tallest in the Western hemisphere.","url":"/US/video/world-trade-center-spire-section-hoisted-position-17943692","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}