WWII Vet and Vietnam Vet Marry After 20 Years

John Banvard, 95 and Gerard Nadeau, 68, hold first gay marriage at VA home.
2:19 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for WWII Vet and Vietnam Vet Marry After 20 Years
And never had dreamed I'd be marrying a man and -- it is singularly appropriate I would like to introduce. Gerard Gerry -- it doe and John -- TOY. Four. I am very good veterans and unfortunately my wife -- engine and then seen any time. And so I've been the single man every sentence until until September the eleventh through league. Actually it was rather nice we have -- a couple of news crews from the local TV channels come out. Because they thought it was bit of interest -- it's every day is sealed World War II veteran. -- -- from the a lot of our friends that we know here showed up. So yes -- great news. Is something that we were -- had been Wednesday could do. First a couple of states recognize same sex marriage the closer and closer we got to knowing it might be -- the more thought about it until it really became legal and that's where -- said let's -- -- And where we felt like it was -- we really got married and when we took the paperwork -- -- -- over two county clerk's downtown. And then they all looked at us and everything that would have been a good wedding picture right there. I enlisted. One -- -- to Pearl Harbor. And I was -- -- squadron. In the air force. My job was working around transmitters. And changing unity and frequency of realism while I was drafted that's that was in a time when people trying to avoid the army at all cost. But it caught up to me and I got drafted and then I ended up working in communications. I have a good job in the sense I didn't really see any combat as. It feels great civilian. -- win. -- marriage is successful and can be brilliant experience. That I think we would just lucky that we had an off so well and we got along so well. I think so too.

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{"id":20752780,"title":"WWII Vet and Vietnam Vet Marry After 20 Years","duration":"2:19","description":"John Banvard, 95 and Gerard Nadeau, 68, hold first gay marriage at VA home. ","url":"/US/video/wwii-vet-vietnam-vet-marry-20-years-20752780","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}