Xbox Hoax Brings Police to Florida Family's Home

Police responding to a call about a killing and hostage-taking are led to the wrong address.
1:24 | 01/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Xbox Hoax Brings Police to Florida Family's Home
Just -- most people were falling asleep in this -- Oviedo neighborhood once Stanley got the shock of a lifetime right after midnight. It was so terrifying this man asked us not to show his face or identify his home and then I heard the doorbell rang always solves a rifle barrel this husband and father of two says he is -- -- -- would seem like an arsenal of them -- surround their home and they have. Rifles they have guns so. We ran down a hallway and got her two boys at this point they thought they were being robbed at gunpoint. With the Finley didn't realize just yet it is the people outside world -- police officers. And they -- the victims of a hoax. That all started with an Xbox. Moments before no -- teen had called police saying his gaming system had been hacked. The folks -- hacked into the account were were. Requesting that he provide them some gaming information when the teen refused the hackers decided to play dirty. And -- fake online messages to police reporting a hoax crime family member had been killed in other family members were being held hostage the messages led police to the teens former -- where -- Xbox was still registered. And where this family now lives. They were trying to escape. And we were told to freeze and -- to have our hands over her head if they said that -- the police so that was a big relief.

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{"id":18366989,"title":"Xbox Hoax Brings Police to Florida Family's Home","duration":"1:24","description":"Police responding to a call about a killing and hostage-taking are led to the wrong address.","url":"/US/video/xbox-hoax-brings-police-florida-familys-home-18366989","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}