New York Man Walks to California for Autism

Trek to raise money and awareness will take an estimated four months.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for New York Man Walks to California for Autism
I really think they're wonderful I believe in what they're doing -- so. I wanna do -- do what I could do -- maybe bring some awareness. Maybe some fun -- overall to -- people aware of what's going on over the. I'm very proud of what he's doing I was proud of will long before this lock. Michelle -- -- says her son has dedicated his life to helping others and she hopes people will do the same for him during his trip. I'm hoping people because this -- such a great costs. People can watch over him and say hey can you help me here this is the shining moment no doubt about it he he has worked with autistic children her number of years now. He doesn't feel it's fair spot -- and now. More. -- anything really. -- -- a better idea of this trip he's taking on take a look at desperate he's already made it far from New York City to -- mountains of West Virginia. He's now going to follow -- route fifty rats to Saint Louis. -- he's gonna switch to route 66 to avoid the Rockies and head down to Los Angeles he expects the -- to take four more months.

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{"id":17186591,"title":"New York Man Walks to California for Autism","duration":"3:00","description":"Trek to raise money and awareness will take an estimated four months.","url":"/US/video/york-man-walks-california-autism-17186591","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}