Zac Garrison, 9, Makes Bridge History

He is the youngest person ever to achieve Lifemaster status through tournaments.
1:29 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Zac Garrison, 9, Makes Bridge History
You know ripple bridge players more than five times his age nine year old -- garrison quietly holds his own. Yeah. The third grader is a little soft spoken and shy but at the card table he's captured plenty of attention. He's already achieved life master status -- turn amends the youngest person ever to do that. I'm just very proud of everything he's accomplished he's worked very very hard. Zack's mom and dad say he started playing just a year ago after watching them play. One -- -- spurs magazine comes almost kind of get on the cover plans. And -- -- thank you can that I can. -- has been obsessed ever since this. War. -- like master status hasn't been easy there's been travel. We just went to every regional and started in Shreveport would depend radiation. Corpus Cristi for just -- -- business of the regionals we went to a whole week and practice lots of practice. -- -- -- And and you know most the time -- still -- the pros he's trying to carrying two novices. You know he's a a year into -- But now Zacks got his sights set on the next level bronze life master -- -- the title his parents currently hold. And after that. Fastball. From -- we'll. Points. I room.

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{"id":15958120,"title":"Zac Garrison, 9, Makes Bridge History","duration":"1:29","description":"He is the youngest person ever to achieve Lifemaster status through tournaments.","url":"/US/video/zac-garrison-makes-bridge-history-15958120","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}