Zebra, Pony Run Loose Through Staten Island, N.Y.

Razzi, the zebra, and Casper, a Shetland pony, were captured after escaping from a petting zoo.
1:49 | 11/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zebra, Pony Run Loose Through Staten Island, N.Y.
A wild seeing no pun intended on Staten Island. When that zebra. And a pony got loosened start and -- under the streets this afternoon Janet son as. In news -- seven with much more on how all of this came to an end Shannon. -- -- you cannot tell me. At this -- is it absolutely adorable this is this deep breath and this is his friend at the Shetland pony but I tell you this much they are much Tudor. When they're in the they're -- In many are having -- at a gas dark moment we're gonna take it as a teen scene and see what the scene was like here -- -- Travis section of Staten Island -- belt. 9 o'clock this morning Atlanta tonight about 9:20 this morning these two guys decided to me a break for -- -- on to victory boulevard. Right near its intersection with Travis avenue which is their home usually it's picked up that was so they got out into the street. They didn't a couple of close encounters of witness of cars to -- that. Horn honking their -- to -- there -- -- traffic in the area it into the little bit of the detour through a store parking lots of things through that -- People thought but it got even more interesting that's been -- -- came after him with glasses now. We can tell you that both and animals are -- after -- certainly helps. Anyone in trying to capture them and bring him back to their safety of their pain. But they -- eventually make their way back it was quite a strange scene for some of the store owners in the area of southern trotting -- -- the parking lot. -- -- -- victory boulevard but after a few scary moments the animals did make it safely back into their -- to tell you from watching him. They appear to be very close friends -- they appear to be perfectly fine and perfectly content locked up now. Reporting on the body -- -- sand -- -- -- channel seven eyewitness. Like he said after having that Madagascar amount that -- -- -- thank you very much.

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{"id":17831729,"title":"Zebra, Pony Run Loose Through Staten Island, N.Y.","duration":"1:49","description":"Razzi, the zebra, and Casper, a Shetland pony, were captured after escaping from a petting zoo.","url":"/US/video/zebra-pony-run-loose-staten-island-ny-17831729","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}