Virginia Tech Survivor Colin Goddard Fights Back Against Guns


"We are better than this," Goddard says in one of the videos. "We are better than a nation with mass shootings in our movie theaters and in our schools and on our streets."

It's a job Goddard was drawn to after he watched classmates around him shot to death at Virginia Tech. Weeks after the shooting, Goddard recalled the scene in an interview with ABC News.

"The shooter came inside and we were all on the ground not moving, not making a scene at all," he said in 2007.

"Just lying there, acting, playing dead. ... And we were just at his mercy. He could have done whatever he wanted to. He chose to go around the room in such a way that he killed all the other students in my class except for a few of us."

Goddard's journey to recovery began on that classroom floor and took him through rehab, psychological therapy and the search for answers. The difficult journey has led his becoming one of the country's top, young advocates in the fight to curb gun violence.

As the nation struggles to make sense of the Newtown shooting, Goddard knows what the surviving victims and their families are going through.

"It's the worst day of their life," he said. "It's chaotic, it's hopeless."

Goddard doesn't consider himself a victim but a survivor who is depending on people to come together on this issue and share in his youthful conviction.

"That's why I share my story," he said. "This is only going to be a period of my life. It's not going to be forever, but to the extent I can share my story and move the ball forward.

"Let's do it and save lives."

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