Woman Dies in Pool After Boy Reports Her Drowning to Lifeguard Who Said She Was On a Break


Fisher said cloudy water was a problem facing lots of pools during the summer because the water gets dirty when patrons enter it and at times the filtration system may be broken.

"The health department was out there," Fisher told ABC News today. "They even spoke about the cloudiness of the water."

Fisher, who said he knew of at least two incidents in which a body went unnoticed at the bottom of a pool, said lifeguards should always be able to see the main drain cover.

In Fall River, Flanagan placed two inspectors on administrative leave and the staff at the pool were suspended.

Twenty-four of the state's deep-water pools were closed until further notice.

What to Look for in Your Pool's Lifeguards

As you head to the pool this holiday weekend, take note of the lifeguards there to protect you and your loved ones:

Make sure there are two lifeguards taking regular breaks.

Make sure the lifeguards are vigilant and are constantly looking around.

And make sure the lifeguards are not using a phone.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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