Women Who Survived Theater Shooting Grieve for Hero Boyfriends


Theater Survivors Grieve For Hero Boyfriends

"I wanted her to see him because he would have been a kid that a father wants to see his daughter with, a kid of values and things like that," Fred Vojtsek told ABCNews.com. He said his daughter and Larimer became boyfriend and girlfriend about three weeks ago. "So many kids these days don't really want to hear what parents have to say or engage or listen, and he did. That's what stood out with me."

"We were planning on going to church Saturday night," Vojtsek said. "He was a good kid."

Fred Vojstek has been staying in a place just minutes away from the Century 16 movie theater where the shooting took place. His panicked daughter called him as she was running out of the theater and he arrived within minutes of the shooting.

"She was hysterical and then she got more into a shock stage," Vojtsek said.

Since then, Julia Vojtsek has told her father that she was at the movie with Larimer, two other navy men and a woman. Fred Vojtsek said that after Larimer was shot, the other two Navy members were "unbelievable" in making sure his daughter got out safely, even though they had just met her earlier that day.

"I'm grateful my daughter is alive and hopeful he can get through this," Vojtsek said, adding that she is "very, very traumatized."

He said that Larimer's family has been very good to his daughter and that he is "eternally grateful" for Larimer and his Navy friends for saving his daughter.

Vojtsek wrote that just weeks earlier, Larimer had spoken to her about his further advancement in the military.

"John convincingly stated to me that he wanted to be deployed for two simple reasons: He wanted to protect his country, and he wanted to save others from danger and harm," she wrote. "John adamantly wanted to make a difference in the world, and he thought that his military service would be the best chance for him to do so."

"John served his country to the fullest, fulfilling both of his goals," she added.

In addition to these two couples, Matthew McQuinn, 27, and Jon Blunk, 26, died saving their girlfriends in similar ways. Their girlfriends Samantha Yowler, 26, and Jansen Young, 21, did not respond to requests for comment.

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