As Seen on TV: Housing Prices

The Standard & Poor/Case-Schiller housing index, which covers 20 cities, fell at a staggering rate in August, dropping a record 16.6 percent from last year.

The index recorded 20 consecutive months of falling prices across 20 cities. With home values bottoming out, see what's happening to home prices in your area, and learn more about possible signs of a turnaround.

According to new figures in the August Standard & Poor/Case-Schiller Home Price Index, the cities that fared the worse over the last 12 months were Phoenix, where home prices fell 30.7 percent, and Las Vegas, which saw home prices fall 30.6 percent. Dallas and Charlotte were relatively stable, only falling 2.7 and 2.8 percent respectively.

New reports today found that prices in many places are so low that investors are swooping in and buying homes, leading to an uptick in sales. Click here to see how real estate sales are rebounding in your area.

Check out this chart to see where your city stands in terms of declining home values: August Standard & Poor/Case-Schiller Home Price Index

Metropolitan Area 1-Year Change (%)
Atlanta -8.5%
Boston -4.7%
Charlotte -2.8%
Chicago -9.8%
Cleveland -6.6%
Dallas -2.7%
Denver -5.1%
Detriot -17.2%
Las Vegas -30.6%
Los Angeles -26.7%
Miami -28.1%
Minneapolis -13.8%
New York -6.9%
Phoenix -30.7%
Portland -7.6%
San Diego -25.8%
San Francisco -27.3%
Seattle -8.8%
Tampa -18.1%
Washington -15.4%
Composite-10 -17.7%
Composite-20 -16.6%