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Kristin Elliott

Kristin Elliot aids

In May, "World News with Charles Gibson" reported on Kristin Elliott, 18, who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer at 16, undergoing months of chemotherapy and surgery to remove a tumor from her leg. When the Make-a-Wish Foundation asked Kristin what she wished for, she wanted nothing for herself, but asked for help building an AIDS orphans house in Zambia. The foundation contributed $2,600 and since then, she's received an outpouring of donations – up to $200,000. Now a freshman at Baylor University, Kristin has been cancer-free for a year and returned to Zambia to break ground on the orphanage. With the extra donations, she is also adding a wing in the hospital for AIDS patients.

Click here to visit her foundation, Kristin's Heart, or to make a donation to her cause.

Click here to see the original story.

WATCH: Kristin's Miracle

WATCH: Helping Kristin Help Others

Josh Sommer

student josh sommer studies chordoma

In March, ABCs News featured 20 year-old Josh Sommer, then a Duke University student, who learned he was suffering from a rare form of cancer called Chordoma, which strikes anywhere along the spine or skull. There is no cure and the average survival is seven years. With so little known about disease, Josh learned that the one laboratory primarily focused on Chordoma research was at Duke, where he began working to find a cure. He created the Chordoma Foundation, raising funds for research and hosting the first conference on chordoma research. Now, Josh is in remission. He's taking a year away from college, having won a fellowship for Echoing Green, an organization that funds young people working on health and social problems, and recently launched a new Web site to foster an online community for his foundation.

Click here to visit Josh's Web site:

Click here to see the original story.

WATCH: Student Works to Save His Life

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