How to Tick Off a Candidate

To watch candidates reveal their biggest pet peeves, watch "World News with Charles Gibson" TONIGHT at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Can you guess which candidate can't stand the way airlines "don't tell you anything" as your plane sits on the tarmac? Or who gets irked by metro riders talking loudly on their cell phones?

Charles Gibson asked seven presidential hopefuls "What is your biggest pet peeve?" Use the form below to guess their answers. The first viewer to correctly match the candidates with their pet peeves may receive a "World News With Charles Gibson" hat or football.

For answers, click on us tonight or watch "World News" at 6:30 p.m. ET tonight.

1. Which candidate answered, "Hypocrisy…I really detest it?"

a) John Edwards
b) Barack Obama
c) John McCain
d) Mike Huckabee

2. Which candidate's pet peeve is "cruelty?"

a) Barack Obama
b) John Edwards
c) Joe Biden
d) Chris Dodd

3. Name the candidate who can't stand people who are inconsiderate and "just seem oblivious to the fact that there are other people in the world besides themselves?"

a) Chris Dodd
b) Mike Huckabee
c) Hillary Clinton
d) Rudy Giuliani

4. Who takes issue with commercial airlines because "Going on the runway, they don't tell you anything" and instead give passengers massive pretzels?

a) Rudy Giuliani
b) John Edwards
c) Bill Richardson
d) Joe Biden

5. Which candidate's pet peeve is "People being … small-minded and …cruel about other people, for no good reason?"

a) Hillary Clinton
b) John Edwards
c) Barack Obama
d) Bill Richardson

6. "People who talk on their cell phones very loudly on the metro" are very irksome to this candidate:

a) Mitt Romney
b) John Edwards
c) Chris Dodd
d) Joe Biden

7. Don't delay this candidate, who has the "drive to get something done."

a) Hillary Clinton
b) Rudy Giuliani
c) Mike Huckabee
d) Mitt Romney

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