FULL INTERVIEW: Vice President Dick Cheney

The second piece of it, then, is the actual design of the warhead itself, and the way in which you would detonate it, set it off. And they had a program dealing with that issue through 2003. That's what the NIE says, and that they apparently stopped it in 2003. The NIE does not address the issue, can't, in terms of whether or not that's ever been restarted. We do know the enrichment program continues, and that has been the focus of our diplomatic efforts; that's what the United Nations Security Council is focused on; that's what most of the nations in the region are concerned about, because it's the hardest thing to do, is to create fissile material. So we'd like to see them stop that. We suggested they should, the international community has. There have been three U.N. Security Council resolutions that have made it very clear that they should stop it. Sanctions have been applied. The President has made it clear that our objective is to make certain they do not acquire the capacity to produce nuclear weapons.

RADDATZ: Can I do one more quick question that I forgot? Yesterday great reception with the troops. I know you talked to several of the troops there. We followed you in that rope line, and just asked people who they were supporting for President. Several said Barack Obama. I said, but he wants to get out of Iraq right away. And they said, that's okay with me. These are the troops that you addressed yesterday themselves.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: What's the question?

RADDATZ: Any reaction to that?


RADDATZ: It doesn't bother you that some of the troops themselves want to get out of there?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: They're a broad cross section of America. I think they've overwhelmingly supported the mission. Every single one of them is a volunteer.

RADDATZ: And you had a good chat with them yesterday, right?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I did. I had a great time with the troops you saw, as well as the others that I met with.

RADDATZ: Okay, I can see we're done.


RADDATZ: Thank you, sir.

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