Missouri Sex Abuse Case Gets Even More Grotesque

Police said early on that they were looking for not only possible bodies, but other people who may have been sexually abused. It was the press coverage of the initial charges against the Mohlers that prompted a woman to call the police hotline and say that she had been held in the Mohlers' basement.

Police would not say whether she was the same female that the Mohler children remembered being held in the basement.

Lowe told ABCNews.com that a separate investigation has been opened into the woman's claims of captivity.

They are also investigating the possible murder of a man. The children told police they were used to help lure the victim, described by one ofthe children as 6'2" and 300 pounds and "in poor health," into Mohler Jr.'s car by claiming their father was having a heart attack.

One of the sisters, now 29, told police that once the victim was in the car, the girls and the man were taken back to the Mohler property.

"Mr. Mohler gave his daughtes knives to stab the victim with," the affidavit alleged. "When their father let the victim go, Mr. Mohler counted to three and then all of his daughters were required to attac[k] the victim."

The sister said she jumped onto the man's back and stabbed him, but it was her father's stabs to the man's front that allegedly killed him, the court documents state.

"Once the victim was dead, their father propped the victim's body up against a possible tree ... Burrell Mohler Jr. had [the now 29-year-old woman] stab the victim in his face after had had already died," the affidavit claimed.

Missouri Sex Abuse Charges: Devoted Family Men or Child Predators?

Bill Bruch, a former in-law of Mohler Sr., was in court this week to support his family, even though, he admitted, they might be guilty.

"I think that's possible," Bruch told ABCNews.com. "It's certainly a contrast to what I knew about him years ago when he was married to my cousin. It seems really out of character."

Charged in the case are Mohler Sr., 77, his brother Darrell Mohler, 72, and his Mohler Sr.'s four sons, Mohler Jr. 53, David Mohler, 52, Jared Mohler, 48, and Roland Mohler, 47.

The six alleged victims are Mohler Jr.'s children. Their charges include multiple counts of forcible rape of a child under the age of 14, two counts of use of a child in a sexual performance and forcible sodomy.

The other four men face charges of sexual abuse to varying degrees.

Bruch said that Mohler Sr. and his boys "were just a normal healthy family."

"I felt he was a devoted family man," Bruch said of the family patriarch. "He was active in his church activities and responsibilities."

The Community of Christ Church, where three of the Mohler men were lay ministers, have since cut their ties with the suspects.

Bruch said he and other members of the family would continue to attend the men's court hearing, simply to support their own.

"If I were in that position, I would certainly appreciate support from friends and family, even if I were guilty," he said.

The suspects, most of whom do not yet have lawyers, according to authorities, are next due in court in early December.

Shocking Claims of Abuse in Missouri

Among the more shocking claims from the children:

One of the sisters, now 26, claims her father, grandfather and two uncles forced her to partake in bestiality on the property. She also claimed she had an abortion at age 11.

Several of the sisters claimed the grandfather would line them up in a row to sodomize them.

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