Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Says D.C. Politicians Are 'Wimps' Against Big Oil


The father of four and husband of Maria Shriver has a busy family life, with everyone pursuing their own projects. Shriver's Women's Conference just brought together many important figures from government, media, and other fields with an audience of 30,000 in Long Beach, Calif., and daughter Katherine recently published a book on body image, titled "Rock What You've Got."

"When I come home at night and we have dinner, there's no phone calls accepted. The kids aren't allowed to have cell phones at the table," Schwarzenegger said. "I think the whole idea is not to bring home my job... just concentrate on the kids."

"In The Morning Is The Action"

Schwarzenegger uses the time at the dinner table to check up on his kids and share advice, like one bit of wisdom Sawyer asked about.

"I read in your daughter's book," Sawyer said, "she says you said to her, 'If you don't get up at 5:30, you can't get anything done.'"

"Yeah," Schwarzenegger replied. "I'm not going to tell you that you have to be the person like me who goes out always trying to accomplish something... I said, but if you want to accomplish a lot, in the morning is the action because you get your training done, you get your reading done, you get your preparation done."

And Schwarzenegger is certainly preparing for his own future, with plans to write a memoir after leaving office. Publishers have offered him book deals for years, he says, but until now, he never had the time.

"I can sit down with those publishers that were after me and say, now, I'm interested. I have a real story to tell about going from bodybuilding, going into business, going to the movie business, then the political arena and all this."

'I'll Be Back' in Theaters?

A return to the movies could also be in the cards. There are rumors that Schwarzenegger has already met with Hollywood director James Cameron and is waiting for the right script.

"You're already letting the door open?" Sawyer asked. "What would most interest you about going back to the movies?"

"If James Cameron or Ivan Reitman or someone that I trust ... they come with a great script, great idea where I look at things and say, 'That's me. I can play that,' it could be something like that," the governor said. "But it's not like I'm out there saying I'm looking for an acting job because I have plenty of money. I never have to work again."

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