Diane Sawyer Interviews Iranian President Ahmadinejad

AHMADINEJAD: It was definitely the case. Then why was he killing the people? Even he was threatening to kill in relation to Iran. I am asking you. Who is responsible for the killing of 1 million people? Why can I not tolerate to see one person being killed. We become very sad when we hear the news of someone having been killed. We try our best to prevent this. Why was he encouraging bombarding and rocketing? Why did he use weakened uranium bullets in Iraq? Do you know how many people have become ill as a result of this in Iraq? I am talking about ordinary people, women and children, not combatants. Why did he not prevent it? If somebody doesn't like something, he would stop it. He would stop killing. They bombarded a wedding celebration in Afghanistan. Eight hundred people were killed. Mr. Bush didn't even apologize. He didn't apologize for the fact that 1 million people were killed. What do you think?

SAWYER: Mr President, I have so many questions, but I am told that you must go. Just one quickly, what do you most hope for in 2010?

AHMADINEJAD: We hope there is peace in the world and wars and occupations come to an end. Animosities come to an end. The new Christian year is approaching. It is the birth of Jesus Christ. Christ is the prophet of peace, the prophet of friendship, the prophet of brotherhood, the prophet of integrity and honesty, the prophet of defending the oppressed. Of course, I would like to congratulate the new year to the American people and hope that we follow the Christ. If somebody says he/she is a Christian, they should follow him. We believe in Christ. He was a prophet of God, a clean human being. If Christ comes back today, we would follow him and we will put his instructions into action.

I would like to ask a question. Which part of the behavior of the American government corresponds with the culture and teachings of Jesus Christ? They should answer themselves. If Christ was here today, would he not punish the American statesmen for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Would he not resist them? He would definitely resist them. He wouldn't allow anybody to occupy and invade. He wouldn't allow the innocent people to be killed. We believe Jesus Christ is the prophet of God and try to follow him.

Once again I would like to congratulate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ to you and the American people.

SAWYER: Thank you again, Mr President, for your time. And hope to see you in Tehran.


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