'World News' Political Insights: Democrats Build up Boehner to Target GOP

In a fitting close to the primary season, several tea party candidates are playing in some of the most closely watched elections -- with the very real possibility that conservative grass-roots energy will snatch a chance of picking up a Senate seat from Republicans.

A sleepy Senate race in tiny Delaware has suddenly gotten national attention, with Republicans growing concerned that their favored candidate for Vice President Joe Biden's old seat, Rep. Mike Castle, could be in danger of falling to a tea-party favorite.

Christine O'Donnell is something of a perennial candidate in Delaware, and is viewed by national and many state-level Republican leaders as standing little chance of winning the Senate seat in the blue-as-they-come Blue Hen State.

But she's also gotten late momentum and attention, with Sarah Palin and Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., providing late boosts to tea-party groups that have long mistrusted the moderate Castle.

VIDEO:Political Insights; Palin, Tea Party, & the Future
Political Insights; Palin, Tea Party, & the Future

Castle goes into the day a slight favorite. But he and the state Republican Party have had to drain resources to fight off O'Donnell, whose chances are boosted by the fact that Delaware has closed primaries, meaning only registered Republicans can vote in the GOP primary.

Republican leaders will be glad to put this primary season behind them. But if they prove unable to rally resources to save one of their top recruits -- one who provides a very real pick-up opportunity -- they'll be limping into a general election that they know is a sprint.

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