House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill

NANCY PELOSI: No. We feel -- obviously, that's something that we -- look into as we're putting the bill together. But it -- that is also why -- we're very -- we're very precise in our language. So the intent of Congress is clear. And that is why -- the statements and comments and executive orders, whatever, of the President on how the bill will be implemented are very important. But it always is the case. The Congress legislates -- the White House -- the Executive Branch enforces, and the -- the Supreme -- the Judiciary interprets. We feel very confident about our legislation.

Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill

DIANE SAWYER: One more question about cost. As you know, there's great anxiety in the country about the potential cost of this bill. And somebody -- a critic labeled it fiscal Frankenstein. We went back and looked at a 1967 projected the cost by 1990 of Medicare was $12 billion. What really happened is it was $107 billion. Which is more than eight times what they projected it would cost. What guarantee is there to the American people that this won't similarly balloon out of control?

NANCY PELOSI: Well, I'm so pleased that you're asking me about cost, because the cost of -- health care in America, both in delivery of service and insurance to families is unsustainable. It's unsustainable to family budgets. It's unsustainable to federal budgets. And one of the important things that we had to do from the standpoint of the federal government was we -- to cut those kinds of expenses in Medicare. Waste, fraud, and abuse that have contributed to the rising cost of Medicare. There is no cut in this bill to benefits for seniors or any of -- ri -- rising of -- raising of premiums in the legislation. So, to -- to be clear, that's why A.A.R.P. has said we have made this solvent for today's seniors and future generations by the necessary cuts in waste, fraud, and abuse. The upward spiral of -- rising medical cost can drive our country bankrupt unless we take this action now. The -- the simple fact is this. This legislation will save the taxpayer $1.3 trillion over the life of the bill, and the ten years after.

DIANE SAWYER: But they didn't think Medicare --

NANCY PELOSI: That is why we had to do the --

DIANE SAWYER: --would balloon out of control, and it did.

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