House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill

NANCY PELOSI: But we're talking about a different -- we're addressing some of the ballooning controls of Medicare and taking those down. But that is why -- the -- those that oppose the bill go out and say -- use fear tactics for seniors and say that -- they're going to cut your Medicare. No, we're not going to cut their Medicare. We're going to cut waste, fraud, abuse and excessive payments to the insurance companies, which have contributed to the ballooning costs in Medicare. We'll be spending a good deal of time on this, because we have to dispel the misrepresentations that are out there. So, the cost to a family and an individual, the cost to a business, small businesses having their insurance policies increase, the costs to our federal budget -- family budget, federal budget require that we pass this legislation with those savings for individuals, for businesses, for the federal budget. And for our economy to be much more competitive, because we don't have this anvil of cost around our businesses. They can compete internationally much better. And individuals are free. Now, they can start a business, they could change jobs, they could be self-employed without worrying about not having health insurance, because it is now affordable, accessible, and with reforms of the insurance companies -- that make it better for them.

DIANE SAWYER: A couple of questions about what it took to get this done. We read today that you blocked the incremental approach that some in the White House were proposing. In fact, calling it kiddie care. And said -- saying, "Let's go for it. Let's go for it." And in fact -- I think it was -- it was Congresswoman Eschew (PH) who said, "You put the steel into the President's spine."

NANCY PELOSI: Now, that's good to hear. I mean, mi -- with all due respect. (LAUGH) With all due respect to Congresswoman Eschew, and she's like a sister to me -- the President has been unwavering in his commitment to comprehensive health care reform. Unwavering. And that's one of the reasons that he could be so persuasive with Members. Because they saw his commitment, his vision, his knowledge of these issues, his strategy to get it done, and get it -- get it -- not only passed -- but make it work for the American People.

DIANE SAWYER: But I know you say you knew you would do it. You believed you would do it. At the end of the day, how hard was it, looking back, how hard?

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