Message of Restraint

Bush: I think we just have to continue to put pressure on the regime in whatever way we can. We've had sanctions for many years -- well before my husband's presidency -- in Burma and, of course, economic sanctions when we're the only country that had the economic sanctions and their closest neighbors that are on their border and trading partners, China and India, don't have sanctions, then of course, they're not that effective.

Raddatz: And you think we should pressure ...

Bush: I think we should continue to press the U.N. I think we need to continue to call China and India out of our State Department and ask them to join us and ask them to speak to the generals themselves and ask them to use restraint.

Raddatz: And just one final question. Message to the Burmese army?

Bush: I'd like to, and I said this on a Voice of America broadcast yesterday, to ask the members, the armed guards and the members of the Burmese army, not to fire on their fellow citizens. To join the protests and not fire on their citizens. Or on the monks, the Buddhist monks, and I know that many, many Burmese are devout Buddhists and I hope that the military won't fire on the monks.

Raddatz: So you have a cousin who was interested in Burma, is there a connection?

Bush: That's right. I have a cousin who's an advocate for Burma, and she was really the one who got me interested in the first place.

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