Chicken Charlie 'Can Deep Fry Just About Anything'

"They come out and they say, 'How many calories does this have?' And we joke around with them and then they say, 'Give us three,'" he said. "They could care less."

With this year's fair season drawing to a close, Chicken Charlie is already testing out new recipes to find next year's addition to his fried food roster.

"We're going to make chardonnay and Spam, dip it in batter, and deep fry it," said Boghosian, sitting down to try his very first bite. "Let's try it out. Let's see what happens.

"I'm sure there's some stuff I haven't thought of, but I love this," he said. "I'm young. I think we've got a lot of time. I'm going to be deep frying a lot more things in the future."

For now, Boghosian will keep peddling his fried Coca-Cola and peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches, day in and day out, until the hot days and bright lights of California's fairs give way to shorter days and cooler temperatures.

Maybe next year he'll figure out how to deep fry a snow cone.

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