Female Cabbie: 'I'm a bit of an anomaly'

"I think people in general surprise me as a whole, and they constantly defy stereotypes and prejudices that I may have held. So I've learned from driving a cab that there's no way you can tell what a person is going to do once they get in the back seat," she said.

Seeing the City From Behind the Wheel

Plaut says her adventures behind the wheel have taught her a lot about New York -- its streets, its rhythms, its inhabitants. And driving a taxi has taught her to multitask in ways she never could have imagined.

"I'm looking nonstop for anyone with their arm up in the air, somebody shaking hands or kissing somebody goodbye, maybe they're going to walk to the edge and hail a cab. So I want to be ready for that. It's a constant sweep. I'm looking at lights, I'm looking at cars, I'm looking for cops, and I'm looking for passengers, primarily. And I'm trying to avoid accidents. And trying to get out of traffic. It's a lot to do," she said.

Perhaps most important, driving a taxi has taught Plaut a little bit about herself.

"I've learned that I don't have the best temper," she said. "I've also learned ways that I can just try to take it easy. I think that's the most important lesson that I've learned and carried out in my life: Try to take it easy. Take it as it comes and roll with the punches, because there's going to be a lot of them."

To read Plaut's blog, please visit http://newyorkhack.blogspot.com/.

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