Daughter and Boyfriend Held in Family Killing

Mike Gould, a friend and neighbor of Scott Anderson, described Scott and Erica Anderson as a typical family where Scott worked long hours so Erica could stay at home with their children. Gould said Scott Anderson was "fairly close with his family."

McEnroe's distraught mother speculated, "[Joseph] might have tried to stop [Michele] if she was uncontrollable. Maybe he was trying to help her cover up. That's the only thing I can think of, from what I see. Maybe he was trying to protect her at all costs."

Michele and McEnroe lived in a trailer about 200 yards from the home where the elder Andersons lived. Bennett described the older Anderson couple as private people who "enjoyed their privacy, living up in the hills — not surrounded by close neighbors."

He said the relationship between the Anderson parents and their daughter Michele, was, "if not estranged, then very strange," adding, "they just didn't talk."

Bennett added that Michele tended to stay by herself, and appeared somewhat jealous of her older siblings Scott and Mary. Michele did not have particularly strong self-esteem, Bennett said, and "did not feel she was loved equally."

Judy Anderson had invited Bennett to drop in on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but when Bennett called the Anderson home at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, no one picked up. He assumed the family was outside somewhere on their 11-acre property. Urquhart told the AP that the family was likely killed in the late afternoon or early evening on Christmas Eve.

Police will also investigate why two sheriff's deputies, who responded to the 911 call from the family's trailer home at 5:13 p.m. on Christmas Eve, left the scene without confirming there was nothing wrong inside. The 911 hang-up call lasted ten seconds, and the call receiver noted there was "a lot of yelling in the background ... sounded more like party noise than angry, heated arguing." The dispatcher's log reported the deputies who showed up at the scene, saying, "Gate is locked, unable to gain access."

According to Urquhart, "Right now, the total focus is on getting [Michele Anderson and Joseph McEnroe] charged tomorrow — then, we will look at the two deputies."

Associated Press reports contributed to this story.

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