'You Asked, We Answered': Questions About Egg Donation

Question: Does undergoing fertility treatments and all the medication one takes over years of trying to conceive increase the risk of ovarain cancer? Are any of the drugs more likely to cause ovarain cancer? How and where would one get more info, and what should one ask a doctor for? Thanks for giving your time to a looming question long after treatment.

Maria in Ill.

Paulson: See links to Web site above for additional information on these issues.

Question: I was an egg donor at the age of 20, and now that I am 27 and trying to have a baby, I can't. I have had four miscarriages. Have there been any kind of studies on women who donated their eggs and having subsequent problems of getting pregnant themselves?

Barbara in Melbourne, Fla.

Paulson: What bad luck! It would be very interesting to know if the recipient of your eggs actually had a baby when you donated. As far as we know, there is no effect of egg donation on subsequent fertility, or on the risk of a subsequent miscarriage. Remember that there are many reasons for miscarriages, and they may include factors such as your male partner. Also, your uterus was not a factor in being an egg donor but may be a factor in miscarriages. I would suggest that you see a reproductive endocrinology specialist to evaluate your situation. With a complete work-up, chances should be on your side that you will eventually be successful.

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