Preventing and Fighting Back Against ID Theft

How do you know if someone has stolen your identity? How can someone steal an identity? What can you do to fight back? Learn more about identity theft.

Think you're safe from identity theft? Take the U.S. Department of Justice quiz for consumers.

What are the immediate steps to take if you're a victim of identity theft? The Federal Trade Commission site offers a step-to-step guide on how to defend yourself and recover from theft.

I'm a student without many assets. Should I still be concerned about identity theft? Yes. Learn more about how even young people can become victims.

Are you safe if your identity has been stolen but not misused? No. The Federal Trade Commission also offers guidance for people who have been compromised but not yet defrauded.

What are the different kinds of online fraud? Learn about Internet fraud, telemarketing fraud and intrusion on medical records.

Take an AARP online seminar on preventing identity theft.