A Thanksgiving Nightmare for Holiday Travelers From Coast-to-Coast


A record 2.5 inches of snow fell at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. Airport officials said they were working to keep runways and taxiways clear, though a China Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane landing in snowy conditions overshot its stopping point on the runway by about 100 feet.

Alaska Airlines Group warned that flights were being delayed or canceled because crews couldn't get to the Seattle airport, where the airline accounts for about half of the passenger flights.

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"Our customers and our employees both are just having a bad time because the roads are really bad," Alaska spokesperson Paul McElroy said.

ABC News' Neal Karlinsky encountered a traffic headache of his own after picking up his mother from the airport in Seattle Monday. The normal 25-minute drive home was a "death-defying crash fest," taking almost six hours, he said.

KOMO meteorologist Paul Deanno said the storm will continue to impact holiday travel as it moves east. Blizzard warnings have been issued from Utah to Colorado, where drivers are being advised to keep survival kits in their cars.

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"There's a definite likelihood that this storm may impact travel Tuesday, Wednesday, in places like Chicago, Minneapolis," he said.

The storm, which closed schools and knocked down power lines, is to blame for at least three deaths in Washington State.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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