Transcript: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Speaks to ABC's Diane Sawyer


I really don't like to look back so much. This is about looking forward. And we feel very confident about the decisions that we made, that are in the interest of reducing the deficit, creating jobs, enabling American people to reach their fulfillment with the liberation they get from having health care, the consumer protections that they have. That their health security, about their economic securities, about their personal security. And we believe we've made the right decisions in that regard. Should we have been talking about it more, and working on it less, that-- that's a question. I believe we came here to get a job done. And that's what we did.

DIANE SAWYER: No regrets?

NANCY PELOSI: No regrets. Because we believe we did the right thing, and we worked very hard in our campaigns to convey that to the American people. Nine and a half percent unemployment is a very eclipsing event. If people don't have a job, they're not too interested in how you intend for them to have a job. They want to see results.

DIANE SAWYER: I know that you have said over the years that you're strong, that you were trained to have a thick skin, that you're in the arena, and that you have to learn to be the target, and almost like it you said to me last time. Almost.

NANCY PELOSI: Almost like.


NANCY PELOSI: Well, I like it for the money it helps you raise, but--

DIANE SAWYER: But nonetheless, you had buses out there, fire Pelosi. You had the Tea Party saying today our big victory was we fired Nancy Pelosi.

NANCY PELOSI: They-- I think-- that's interesting, but the fact is, it's not about me. It's about what is going to happen in terms of job creation for the middle class. I believe that we established a great foundation. The President did. Established pillars of job creation, through clean energy jobs for the future, health care first among equal to create over a million jobs. Those-- and higher education. Those kinds of initiatives.

Now, it remains to the Republicans and Democrats to work together to build on that, and go forward. It is-- they have used me as a personification of health care and the rest. I take that as a compliment, however, it's not about that. Because what, they can say what they want about me. The fact is, the American people still need jobs. We still need to act on their behalf. Our commitment to them doesn't go away, nor do the challenges we face.

DIANE SAWYER: What do you feel making those calls?

NANCY PELOSI: Well, it's-- it's-- it's encouraging in some ways, because the members, as sad as we are about losing their service and their leadership here-- are-- very positive in saying-- that they are proud of-- of-- of the votes they took, the job that they did here, how they helped create this-- health security, and move us toward greater economic security-- for the American people. So they're very-- they're positive. Of course, they wanted to win. Of course, they wanted to be here. But would they trade being here for a vote for health care for all Americans. No.

DIANE SAWYER: And the talk about repealing health care?


DIANE SAWYER: Let's talk about-- taking it apart bit by bit so that it's unrecognizable is the word they-- they used.

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