Skinny: SAG Awards Winners

Who walked away a winner at the Screen Actors Guild awards?
3:25 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Skinny: SAG Awards Winners
Ward sees it continues. We -- -- sag awards let's -- the Screen Actors Guild you're wondering let us dance floor and artist doing really well the health don't really well the audio clearly the favorites -- -- tumors we've -- -- -- toward the -- male actor Sean those RD in the oh lead male actor well I -- say that violent Davis female -- -- from the house and then of course Alec Baldwin that very funny on Baldwin. From thirty rock and Betty White. -- Betty White -- -- I'll have a horror at a safe work comedy series hot in Cleveland -- kind of at the moment that stole the show Viola Davis of course one for her incredible work handed to help. She beat out Merrill -- who everybody seemed to be moved by her speech -- take a listen. How -- eight years -- when I decided to being acted. And I -- just hope privilege. To Begin using on the beautiful face of the woman who inspired me. That beautiful to me. Not Cicely Tyson. Gradualist have you read above scene not listed in the they had not seen yet know what's right now let's get all this a more attention I really -- check it out on movies. I want resonated -- -- but I did read the book I have not I have a movie. I'm going to see it. And a -- and it's amazing how Belichick and -- -- -- check also check out his new video. There's Snoop Dogg sniff a little snow -- look back in the news that he apparently for whatever reason whet the posted this video. Kind of lasting can -- bashing pretty much of those. And they'll get what we would -- we all know what systems and what about -- the more telling question here basically. He calls -- a lot of it's an excellent -- -- here and kind of uses the H word to describe her over and over again it's not a flattering description of us. A woman -- -- cold blooded he -- this kind of Mason -- Chris Humphries formed by the Mariners things you basically not the marrying type she's. Something else and that she gets around and all this kind of substance did just kind of went on this -- Fitzgibbon. He's a message to Chris that never should it matter because she's not the marrying content he wasn't quite as kind in his words so that's why we -- actually played center had. Writes it was hard some -- OK so as though we're. And bring pressure. -- -- her from her work can be helped up from than anything -- -- about a movie aliens though because apparently. She says that she was abducted by aliens during her youth she says she also has eighteen. Implanted in her. That happened during that abduction that literally of those killed Susan -- -- -- Then producer Ed writer they also -- eerily similar experiences she's as we both have the -- to same sex star of the exact same spot. I want her for a nanny who. -- -- Brand of hidden in her last hey hey hey -- of that awful as horrible horrible -- have proven alienated that's what happened an alien literally late. Possessed her -- -- -- that. Now what is what they receive breaking news show world news now that's what I love so much about it. What comes out of this thing comes up come on what I wanted to do that she's looking to get some sort of deal probably -- -- -- -- what's new. -- -- --

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{"id":15470211,"title":"Skinny: SAG Awards Winners","duration":"3:25","description":"Who walked away a winner at the Screen Actors Guild awards?","url":"/WNN/video/2012-sag-awards-winners-15470211","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}