Alec Baldwin to Quit Tweeting

In wake of the James Gandolfini funeral controversy, the actor vows to give up Twitter.
4:31 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin to Quit Tweeting
-- -- believe this one but Alec Baldwin says he's going to stop tweeting now. Yes it's -- whole area. Hung out of that British newspaper -- tweeting during the ceremony. General consensus now is that actually never happened -- right right. But he he really went on -- -- and he called the reporter who wrote that article on toxic little queen all these horrible things that. And -- he certainly got some bad PR needless to say for all the things he said so anyway. Vanity Fair asked him about -- -- -- -- the implied never know this is interest it was on this. He says I want to Jimmy get a -- funeral and when I realized Jimmy get a beanie didn't -- Twitter. You know I had he basically says the edit different feelings you may get a -- was so beloved as a person so admired as an actor -- give a week. About social media. So basically he's saying that he's gonna give it up he says -- learn my lesson at the funeral is said to myself this is all a waste of time meaning -- -- sometimes but less and less and less. It's just another chink in the former. For people to come and kill you I stopped and said to myself I'm gonna try -- just don't do this anymore so. To be continued but Alec Baldwin will not be tweeting. I have a really funny feeling this has very little to do with may he rest in peace -- James Gandolfini -- funeral and him not being on Twitter. And everything to do with the backlash that he received for his what a lot of people called homophobic comments on Twitter -- Now like yeah -- -- Baylor and I'm not gonna do this anymore that's the bottom line and that's a good bottom line to have. Paris Jackson you guys remember that she attempted suicide -- couple weeks ago we told you about that. Well now that she is reportedly on her way out of the treatment facility where she's been saying this entire time that she needs another rehab facility. She's being turned down. So her mom Debbie Rowe apparently did a lot of research and found one and you tie and they were trying to do all of the maneuvers to get -- there. When they finally filled -- the application the rehab facility turned her down for fears of an onslaught paparazzi essentially saying. If she comes here we need to worry about our other patients the paparazzi Natalie going to be killing her and to -- legions of -- But all of our other patients as well so now she's back at square one and she's essentially in -- dollars or fifteen year old who's really just looking for a place to get better. If you bet for her but also look to say you -- rehab golfer tiger. And you try to get serious -- -- -- -- -- and -- But -- down and then suddenly it's turning into something you know like it's a media circus I completely understand I do I can see a a fifteen year old side to just wanted to get -- -- -- -- have rehab centers -- specialized in famous people and sure that you. All right listen to this is pretty cool -- -- -- -- -- McPherson supermodel extraordinarily from that that -- it's gonna repeat her topless Playboy cover pose. In Harper's bazaar. Australia addition 49 years old check it out supermodel and body recreating a famous 1994 Playboy cover. That bizarre. Back to us at every age issue and listen to the photographer was musician Brian Adams -- -- Bhutto -- pretty -- look made the body issues now may be closing in on fifteenth but clearly she looks pretty amazing she stuck that struck that -- -- was almost identical to that. Iconic Playboy cover from. 1990s. Ford had a house she's 49 years old she looks in the -- looks retro evolved -- -- say she's incredible. OK let's move on to the story because they only have a minute in the segment and I really really want to tell you the story Dennis Rodman in his. Yeah -- -- they don't want he's the actor Dennis Rodman he -- apparently gave. A very candid but a bit out -- -- -- -- the area to Sports Illustrated where are they now. And especially he says that he deserves -- -- Nobel Peace Prize and he doesn't get -- something is seriously wrong he says that his mission is to break the ice between hostile countries. Why it's been left to -- to smooth things over I don't know. Keeping things safe is really not my job listen to that it's the black. Guys stop -- referring to president Barack Obama. I tell you this I don't finish in the top three for the next Nobel Peace Prize something is seriously wrong in signs of this delusional man he says he is fifth. A most identifiable people after god Jesus -- -- -- Barack Obama got to put Michael Gordon.

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{"id":19562205,"title":"Alec Baldwin to Quit Tweeting","duration":"4:31","description":"In wake of the James Gandolfini funeral controversy, the actor vows to give up Twitter.","url":"/WNN/video/alec-baldwin-quit-tweeting-19562205","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}