American Music Awards 2012: Full Recap

Justin Bieber won big and there was a special "Gangnam Style" performance by MC Hammer.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Transcript for American Music Awards 2012: Full Recap
Well for better or worse in these nurses. And is alive and well the eighteen year old singer cleaned up last night at the American music awards Lebanese set I wanna say this is brother haters who that I was just here for one or two years. -- -- and he. Another youngster Taylor Swift she won big but it was also -- night to pay tribute to some of music's trailblazers -- the -- with the highlights live from. Los Angeles as the dashing studying brain to -- you look beautiful this morning brandy. All like safety and good morning Robin -- you can -- your -- taking down the red carpet behind me right now here. In the late night hours on the West Coast about a wonderful night we saw several. Entertaining and powerful performances. And Justin Bieber he was the biggest star because he took home several awards including. Artist of the year. From the red carpet to the red -- performances. Music's brightest stars shined at the fortieth annual American music awards in Los Angeles. Just didn't. Justin Bieber when the first award of the night for pop rock male artist I feel like I'm gonna be here for a very long time. Country female artist went to Taylor Swift and thank you for voting so glad I love. And dictating -- -- its home country male artist. Fans chose Lincoln Park -- favorite alternative rock group. And this soul R&B artists went to -- -- denies took home best to back hip hop album. And best new artist -- -- you Carly made yeah. I am flying -- -- there was also a trip down memory lane looking back -- -- AMA's forty year history. It included Stevie Wonder special tribute performance -- Dick Clark who passed earlier this year. Dick loved the power of music and its ability to create pure joy. Clark created the awards to honor America's best performers and the night's biggest award artist to be here -- -- Just -- Now the nominees are selected -- your radio play and music sales but it's the fans who chose the winners and they did it through online voting Robin Paula. More and -- I'm sure you're huge Justin Bieber fan but I wanted to know any early thoughts call with the biggest performance of the night was -- I knew who stole the show. You know what rob -- I am a fan of the -- I I don't know of his performance as the biggest they would I think it was definitely. When sign an MC hammer took this stays together we noticed I was started doing that gave them silent. With a -- pants on it never. -- -- -- wardrobe and then we saw MC hammer come out that is still what everyone is talking about right now it was a great. Performance and they did -- little rendition to too legit to quit and we're not gonna -- quite yet Justin's math teacher ice. Palin is just isn't he was focused on one lady in his life I hear that Selena Gomez with a -- -- today and Mason who would be focused on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was it was his mom it is out he -- -- several times -- out. Throughout the night and then on the final award for artist of the year he went over and Graham entered at first kind of resisted months at no I don't need -- got their but he holder at one stage. Think your again on the stage and he was almost speechless when he won that award -- After the reported break up you know mom is always a good -- to take to the big award. Very cool just to be were happy camper last night which also yeah. -- folks know that you'll be -- -- Thursday and Friday so Randy will be out here on the East Coast co -- with me on Thursday and Friday so. Safe travels out here we'll see on the show. Thursday morning be prepared for anything on the overnight -- not -- I -- -- make me nervous Robin enjoyed Thanksgiving well I'm excited I'm very thankful that you're able to -- -- -- -- -- saga to back okay. Sentenced. -- -- --

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{"id":17760008,"title":"American Music Awards 2012: Full Recap","duration":"3:00","description":"Justin Bieber won big and there was a special \"Gangnam Style\" performance by MC Hammer.","url":"/WNN/video/american-music-awards-2012-justin-bieber-wins-big-17760008","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}