America's Beaches: Which One is Best? rates all of the beaches in America.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for America's Beaches: Which One is Best?
I'll leave your world is now really wish we were a lot get on sunshine about now. -- -- crazy about an hour since we can't governor -- we welcome speech to us and. On the -- we talk to a guy may have the coolest job in the world -- this he picks America's best features. Well. Great beat and -- water and -- They call him doctor beach and he scours the sand in the surf to discover the cleanest safest and most scenic places to catch some rays doctor Stephen Leatherman is a scientist and professor by trade but his job -- the culmination of a lifelong passion. Ever since he was a kid playing in his backyard sandbox. He spent two years serving more than 600 beaches in the United States and tops on his latest list East Hampton New York. -- and and heading -- good mobility and I'm glad they did. One -- they're there. -- pretty well right. But there is a serious side to his -- doctor leatherman also studies the effects of storms on beaches and the causes of beach erosion. But a bigger problem he says is caused by humans. -- Literally would be. Does he -- behind -- -- -- -- -- better or regular army and our sandy. They're wrong Robert ever loses I'm not a -- A lot of great -- Many great ones he want to list doctor beach. Dot org is the website.

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{"id":22693754,"title":"America's Beaches: Which One is Best?","duration":"3:00","description":" rates all of the beaches in America.","url":"/WNN/video/americas-beaches-best-22693754","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}