Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband Fights for Life

Blake Fielder-Civil is on life support and a medically induced coma after a drug overdose.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband Fights for Life
I thought Palestinian as separate story -- tell you -- a little sad it kind of like all of -- Sid and Nancy trappings types like self destruction. Amy Winehouse is. Boyfriend and now looks like he may be fighting for his life after an -- Blake fielder civil is the man's name. He's the ex husband's accused me of the late singer Amy Winehouse. Who was hospitalized now and on life support due to an organ failure and -- presumed overdose. He's had a long battle with heroin addiction. Get a replacement medically induced coma he's partly on life support after suffering multiple organ failures according to the sun. Who's reported this and this is just a year of course -- to Amy Winehouse died tragically from. Accidental alcohol poisoning and it's her ex husband Blake fielder civil who right now is fighting for his -- they don't know if he's gonna come out of that coma so -- it's just it's just tragic. That's unbelievable and it apparently M. -- guess. And Amy Winehouse a spot accounts at this terrible news because Amy Winehouse really loved -- -- -- let's who's got classy for him to do that yeah let's hope he comes out of this. And then get some help one next I was actually up watching this this morning and Curry's return -- -- The today's don't feel -- -- my goodness and curry Matt -- there were an hour they were back together the Olympics and it was all. Word -- stage. Slowly she was there should discuss a peace. That she had done she had been interviewing. I believe the a photographer and Olympic title particulate look at. What she what happened right before the peace and then what happened right after the peace. And curry is here to introduce us to a guy who tries to make them last forever and nice to see American morning good morning everybody so -- pretty good with a camera to pick up anything -- Well I think. I didn't take any pictures of it. I mean that was quite -- -- good morning Matt. -- know why it's so awkward no eye contact not as she also gave an interview to the ladies home journal and she says that. You know she she really was made fun of apparently by her bosses she tried to Wear -- -- because I thought her clothing was amazing and and they told that she looked like -- bird. One time and they they would sort of forced her to Wear these these shoes. That she didn't necessarily want to -- because she really refers to Wear clogs and she. You know didn't want to die her gray hair. And so there -- real problems I think for for -- but she was back on The Today Show but it was extremely. Awkward and I think especially we're looking at me. You know her farewell it's because of the way they treat. There you know the good -- she's she's okay Venus is certainly getting a lot of let's listen Vila Lisa now. Yet barriers that must not let this one Lady Gaga you've seen and I haven't done -- -- when everybody -- she's leaked her new cover of vogue magazine's September except. -- -- sham wow look at that. Hope Ana winds are has a sense of humor she -- death she'll tell Twitter September issue of Vogue Magazine sorry Adam but the underground kids deserve it. School breaks the stress it is hot she certainly the -- with fashion she also -- yesterday to and former little monsters. The -- expressed dropped off the September she yesterday morning on the cover girl and it's fab can't wait to show you tonight and there it is she shipped. I love it common and also in the news Whitney Houston -- member on her birthday was yesterday Thursday August -- Bobbi Kristina. Her daughter tattooed. Her initials that's right on her wrist and also. On her sort of -- Whitney's adopted son nick Gordon also got sort of -- matching wrist tattoo to remember her. Forever so very static thing for Bobbi Kristina but she's certainly wants to just -- -- -- think -- from other women.

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{"id":16975473,"title":"Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband Fights for Life","duration":"3:00","description":"Blake Fielder-Civil is on life support and a medically induced coma after a drug overdose.","url":"/WNN/video/amy-winehouses-husband-fights-life-16975473","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}