Black Friday Deals

ABC's Andrea Smith has the best apps that will help you find the best deals.
4:20 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Black Friday Deals
For many Thanksgiving is -- -- to spend with the family of course but for others it is simply the day. Before Black Friday if you're one of those people then you'll need. To get ready to navigate the malls on the busiest shopping day of the year. Joining me now with the apps for your Smartphone -- help you do just that he's ABC news technology contributor Andrea Smith. If you're welcome back as always thanks for doing this you brought it very cool race now -- it but for all the savvy shoppers out -- these are must head. Gotta be armed yet. Got to be -- who's more out of already -- that houses on Black Friday yes we'll help you out right. So you're going shopping the first thing you gotta do you got a load up your tablet or Smartphone with these acts this has called the find. This one lets you scan bar codes in the store when you -- the product you want. You can just scan the bar code and check it product at birdies and -- -- -- here and basically it tells you. What -- look at that how much is how much it is in the store you are and how much it is in the stores around June. Or online so you can see if you're really getting a big deal you -- comparative shop late Peter just. This would -- finally -- -- also tell you if there's a coupon available and the really cool thing that this one does. Is it partners with. Catalogs so -- we lost that so it partners with catalogs so that we can look at catalogs. Before we go shopping and you show she shouts you at the best buys circular has gotten its balance it would have -- -- have -- One -- you get a check out. Literally dozens of of catalogs from. Stores although Gephardt they read -- Iraq. Very nice aren't exactly. So the next song we've got is called Black Friday from fat wallet -- this is a great coupon site to Begin with you've always got to look for coupon codes on fat of course so they would they do is they collect all the Black Friday deals that put them in this one -- put an in your phone your device to take it with you. Do you choose the -- that -- and you say oh let's check out Macy's and she think that any deals yet. Once they get that circular they've got the -- loaded in here you can -- by store you can sort of -- category you can filter it priced. So for electronics what you're looking for so for the savvy cost conscious and technologically savvy shopper nets who have agreed that when they -- wanna get fat dogs -- -- right -- Fat wallet. -- -- but this one's another great coupon site. What -- do here is you find this or that your shopping outlets saying we here in. -- and body works here my girlfriends -- rooster okay attention now you look and you find your coupon and you go up to the check out. And here's a coupon and you just click it. And you take your device and right up to the cashier and they can -- this coupon wells are no more had to cut it down out of the -- I don't know but not living in the -- right there they can stand it ended it. You want to send it to someone you just emailed enterprise -- -- there was to a friendly news that they can't perfect. Amazon Amazon's getting in on the act because they wanna be everybody's price and be the cheapest person on Black Friday deals like -- -- -- -- deal of the day. Amazon deal of the day out every -- -- -- new deals here they'll show you what they've got check it every single day they've got new deals leading up. Until Black Friday -- -- Black Friday leading up to starting now going all the way to Black Friday absurd segment and that's a daily checking our daily check now and then on Black Friday they're gonna have. All the prices loaded from the other competitive stores -- -- -- Internet and also of course you wanna keep Amazon mobile loaded. I'm your phone all the Tutsi you can check and see what Amazon's prices when -- in the store and saying don't compare a little bit. And things like Freddy -- such a -- house in the -- presumably those you'll receive those. Long lines outside the store people lined up for different sometimes 24 hours -- opens. This really helps you target what you're doing knew exactly what you want if -- -- to Yemen with the competitors are doing. Los Angeles you are completely -- you are consumer who has the advantage saying it was what is your favorite one is your mustang when you go out I'm a coupon girl you have -- I don't know -- -- and no more Clinton for the put on the screen based interactive digital -- -- -- black -- -- -- -- perfect thanks Andrew good advice here. I thanks again every farm wonderful advice -- get some of the some really is -- -- you get more details on the actually showed us just logon to W -- -- -- dot com.

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{"id":15026639,"title":"Black Friday Deals","duration":"4:20","description":"ABC's Andrea Smith has the best apps that will help you find the best deals.","url":"/WNN/video/andrea-smith-shopping-apps-technology-deals-15026639","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}