Angelina Jolie's Right Leg

The Oscar winner stole the show in a year when she wasn't nominated.
3:24 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Angelina Jolie's Right Leg
Welcome back everybody in this game it's all the buzz since the Oscars on Sunday night Angelina -- right leg she was almost AG watch she saw her -- -- -- do the pose of the lay down -- him so sexier whatever. Let's go -- life of its own and others things everywhere not only doesn't have its -- like Twitter account -- About 40000 people following her again whether it is they this problem -- all kinds of things on the Internet now they had a like on. Tiananmen square they had on the statue of live grenade at you then there's that's not right there and put it. They've been apparent leg on that Todd is all these funny pictures emerging from the Internet over the -- like this. Apparently made the space program her legs they're now. That -- put her and they don't address both her legs combat addressed it and this is had a field day with the same with eyewitness say number echo a lot of people said. I thought she looked. Wait to get things she's a beautiful woman beautiful -- smile the whole thing but I think she her arms and legs and really bony skinny episodes -- the -- Error that's just heard like that -- they have yeah you know -- -- funny with all things gym rats when he got up on stage. He didn't miss a beat nappy headed right didn't I got -- -- that that's what help NATO's -- whole jokes without legs getting a lot of attention I don't know why but. It's everywhere is everywhere it's all right well famous and cook Paula dean she's famous for her fatty fitness -- southern -- everybody loves it. Now she's saying she's going to a goal and a lighter side and this is all coming out. -- of the controversy because she was recently diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago but she's just revealing that now and she's also a new spokesperson for. And you diabetic drug but she says she is going to try to teach America how to do things a little bit healthier she's not -- -- -- though rob. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's a lump -- southern girl so it is so what's good in sorry to diabetes to do it sort of wake her up at least it was and -- to stop papadore and I do lover could get. -- young folks a second remember her which makes both of us feel all but she's paid actress famous. Drugs looks different now of course a little bit but famous released -- -- famous from the movie in years ago chemicals -- no way out Taylor she try to get into the governor's ball after the ouster as. And it was placed under citizen's arrest has allegedly she slapped a security guard because she didn't have to get -- and -- -- bully her way in there the guard obviously to take time to that end somewhere and that being put on citizen's arrest. She's had problems -- drugs and alcohol over the years of -- hoping she's not. Battling that again but there was a little post Oscar incident unfortunately this young -- she's doing okay. All right well speaking of the skinny with Thurman is actually spell well these -- -- her third baby congratulations start. -- speculation over New York Fashion Week she was sitting in the -- -- A Blassie the shirt on and so a lot before starting to wonder. She has two children -- with her former husband Ethan Hawke -- this is the father is her businessman boyfriend are had been -- A friend of illness has said that she's very -- that nice -- potter. Congratulations to -- also hear -- furloughs -- you are big fans of the office James Spader Saturday at one seasons -- -- place. Steve Carell and apparently that is -- he's added after one season -- to see him -- short lived stint but. James Spader is moving on packing up his -- office.

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{"id":15806221,"title":"Angelina Jolie's Right Leg","duration":"3:24","description":"The Oscar winner stole the show in a year when she wasn't nominated.","url":"/WNN/video/angelina-jolies-leg-15806221","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}