Animal Cafés All the Rage in Japan

ABC News' Akiko Fujita visits animal cafes that allow you to sip coffee while cuddling critters.
2:58 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Animal Cafés All the Rage in Japan
We'll talk to animal here in the United States and that's -- that's -- to talk to our animals but in Japan -- Animal cafes are all the rage always -- with these kind of stories there are cat cafes dog cafes -- cafes. Where visitors can sit their coffee and cuddle with some critters and now ABC's Kiko -- -- tells us some of these cafes and going from -- -- curious. Us here at the found Tito can't say -- like creatures -- -- customers. Eager for a unique. View with their meals and inserts. From a tiny barred owl. The cafe is run by master -- Peter -- Sasaki who his dabbled in hockey for more than forty years it'll. -- He tells me falconry has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. Killed -- military dictators actually hunted with falcons in this neighborhood. Today the birds are the newest spectacle in it. Crowded animal campaign market -- and exotic are so popular customers -- lined up outside for a new snapshot. And thanks to Japan's lax animal regulations. They could get a lot closer than acts. Across telling the Oklahoma this Brazilian rain will -- land turtles and lizards are the preferred creatures. Don't. -- It's nice moon snakes smooth touch -- -- -- sort of thing. But the red -- -- they -- a steady crowds on weekends especially young women. There's even a collection of magazines. To read up on your favorite species. But the but the -- -- Cats are nothing unique -- -- but I says reptiles we can only see -- soon. The opportunity to get up close and personal is he irresistible. Especially since tiny Japanese apartments traditionally don't allow for pets. The -- double its pet stores so customers can take their -- home. But Sasaki isn't exactly healthy people flocked to -- These animals live a very long lines require a lot of commitment sense. These -- people to enjoy them in the campaign. A -- Fujita ABC news Tokyo. Apparently -- hundred of these places so the question here is -- to these things right apparently it's adults -- -- -- and. John Manning a whole you don't want the responsibility -- Having pets at home. Also don't have kids that's not John kind of waved -- that is under John having -- -- respond to the child -- and nurture and everything yet again and somehow I.

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{"id":19080761,"title":"Animal Cafés All the Rage in Japan","duration":"2:58","description":"ABC News' Akiko Fujita visits animal cafes that allow you to sip coffee while cuddling critters.","url":"/WNN/video/animal-cafes-rage-japan-19080761","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}