Ashley Judd: Plastic Surgery Debate

Did Ashley Judd, the star of ABC's "Missing," have plastic surgery?
3:13 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Ashley Judd: Plastic Surgery Debate
-- So there are millions of ABC's the bachelor and bachelorette -- -- -- have been going on for very long time one of those. That's not a huge fan is Barbara Walters now and I'm the deals innocence -- Barbara. Surprising right she says -- lots of our. The rest of my life watching the last hour of the factually did -- knowing that we -- went to talk about it -- -- -- want and that -- turned on because she is deeply offended by some of the misogynist stake. Under tents and -- -- hear what while I had -- Development actually has been on for ten years not a single out not so I had to marry that woman had chosen the finale. Listen I just have to say that I love -- ignition if I'm very happily employed. I think this show is such -- degradation to women I -- I don't. To the -- to have -- signed up to be and the bachelorette. I mean. The show has been on -- for quite awhile now it's been on for -- eight seasons or. Ten seasons and too long it's clear -- is on is we're no matter what people want. Yes so we're talking about Jennifer Lopez now -- and you know we all just wanted to be happy -- settled down and to have right into just have sort of that idyllic. You know home life well it turns out now we have some insight as to why that may not be possible. Her -- -- says in the April 2012 issue of vogue. That. She has a personality types where she goes after everything. -- 110%. And going after guys do is one of them and that also she has obsessive guys chasing her. And so that she's a serial monogamist she always has to sort of be. With a guy he had any particular time. And so we know that you cannot imagine what it means she's -- absolutely and that that's -- I suppose but that she never. Takes her time to get to know somebody should -- eases into a relationship and maybe takes it casually. Which may or may not be the way to go. He went -- losers -- what -- wouldn't wanna be -- -- and what I would wanna be would actually Judd right advice said that she is so beautiful. But now I'm machines sound under some scrutiny for potentially going under the knife her. You can see her face is a little bit Fuller on the right side of the screen. -- was on the parents of the Maryland -- -- her wrapped says that. She's been battling a serious sinus infection in the -- -- so don't read anything into issues not gone under the -- and I as somebody who's had that I know that your face does get a little bit of a little coffee tea and I think she just may have put out a little weight issues she -- -- she needed -- -- yeah publishing house. To -- her forties. Airport -- -- yeah well pretty she does look great and you know -- running around Europe like that chasing bad guys let's pretty darn good doing it shoved. And and that show. It's not such a mistake and that showed that she's on mixing his right here on ABC just a -- little. Our right back.

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{"id":15925803,"title":"Ashley Judd: Plastic Surgery Debate","duration":"3:13","description":"Did Ashley Judd, the star of ABC's \"Missing,\" have plastic surgery?","url":"/WNN/video/ashley-judd-plastic-surgery-debate-15925803","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}