Skinny: Ashton Kutcher's State of 'Truth'

Actor calls for more honesty in the press.
3:16 | 10/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skinny: Ashton Kutcher's State of 'Truth'
It is time for the -- am -- up with a very is our video from action culture now -- Took this wedding ring or maybe that wasn't deliberate but without his wedding ring He made his own video talking about the truth obviously they've been all these rumors about. The demise of his marriage perhaps has He been cheating we saw that woman come forward and say that she was. She was with -- in a hotel room to listen to what went back. There is no -- the -- we are we are our own editors we are our own publishers and we are our own printers. We really have to take it upon ourselves. Tune soulful honesty in. Who works in the media that it we -- and -- What I have no idea that is action pictures the state it -- is video calling for more honesty -- the press. Mary Enron this really your wife and -- caught -- you know. This does say that commitment and edited it rolled and committed just heard the all -- -- after the affecting what He was driven Charlie Sheen and yeah. An idiot and -- weird strange and -- You the truth comes out prairie jail back in minutiae the concert Saturday night as you say in this if you had my love -- He told the crowd was the first -- ever. I'm wrote about love and apparently. After his sentencing became very very emotional kind of ran off the stage to solving the pillars according to radar -- -- But get this of the she had kind of look alikes in dancers in the spotlight behind her and won fair but one that looked like Puff Daddy -- have looked like Chris junk whatever like Ben Affleck. Another album like Marc Anthony so I'm just saying He was -- like this reflected in -- her. -- loves it always say -- -- -- over the suffering that she's an actress. As well maybe you should just trying to get a little sympathy a little. He -- -- I don't know that's pretty dramatic clip why would you have sort of like the redux of all of your relationships out there -- dramatically. Have little effect He is an -- -- Bradley who Brazilian will be the fifth wheel statement by the time He goes on tour get. On the same yet a little skeptical about -- with singers John Mayer has undergone surgery. A throat surgery for inflammation and that's -- -- -- is performances and recordings on hold for now. What had a -- that He says that He looked for an alternative to surgery but there was no way so he's canceled. A number of concerts a clean -- an appearance of Tony Bennett his album has been pushed back. To next year we wish him. Speedy recovery had a commission for a little also all the willow will get a slight break -- -- you legs. Serious news to Loretta Lynn the legendary country singer now -- six years old in the hospital now with pneumonia. Had to cancel -- performances performances they say she still okay. But just needle tunnel -- can cancel some shows I believe in Kentucky and North Carolina while she -- what you read -- a little bit but. She's -- our thoughts and 76 still looking good so strong so it's a little illness should be better soon wonderful. Talent there and also we want to -- our congratulations to Will Ferrell He was honored at the Kennedy Center with the Mark Twain prize for American humor. She joked He joins the likes of funny folks like let's -- if -- Bill Cosby Steve Martin Whoopi Goldberg. Our congratulations to him and you can catch out when that -- ceremony airs October 31 on PBS and check it out.

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{"id":14800873,"title":"Skinny: Ashton Kutcher's State of 'Truth'","duration":"3:16","description":"Actor calls for more honesty in the press.","url":"/WNN/video/ashton-kutchers-state-truth-14800873","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}