'The Bachelorette' Drama Unfolds Over 2 Nights

Andi Dorfman's search for love included hiking in Santa Barbara and a performance by Boyz II Men.
4:48 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' Drama Unfolds Over 2 Nights
I welcome backs Phoenix this week we get a double shot of agencies -- -- two -- is the first -- which was last night. And joined this morning by our news now a senior bachelorette analyst at daisy -- what's going on -- to see you. Lindsay John good morning good morning all. Women will start -- sixteen guys started this episode yeah and the first -- was what makes me. Who you remember. Was you got the first impression rose way back when they went to Santa Barbara they wrote some bicycles around that went on a bit of -- -- up in the mountains. There was lots of -- sweet talk and stuff like that they really enjoyed each other's company nick V gets the rose. Diesel good second it was a group date featuring boys to men. The whole group they were there were getting ready to do version of I'll make love to you. At this very loving it everyone though was good sports about it they -- got into the act. When it was all said and done Josh wanted to -- favorite Josh. Got the group -- rose. This -- be a second one on one date was all about growing old together. The mail on this day it was the pants open nor. We've got themselves pants and long SJJ. JJ and -- dressed up as senior citizens. -- eventually. One out did their thing in Santa Barbara you get the idea you got the -- I'm being told to move along I get it. Just count can we do the arcana -- discount. These jobs here is OK -- -- Paul -- was rearing his ugly its ugly head. The kids count stops at. -- -- -- Coming from behind a little doubt -- good one. Before the wreck now three guys -- -- wrong took himself out of the competition because a friend unfortunately passed away two of the guys didn't get roses Bradley and Brett which means there are thirteen men left tonight. The party comes east to Connecticut. Hopes and a high drama. We'll be back go by the. All right -- and I've still yours you know Justin Bieber he's apologizing for a racist joke that he told when he was eighteen years old the joke was caught on video which was. Just posted yesterday by the British tabloid the sun. Fever that's when he is released a statement saying quote as a young man I didn't understand the power certain words and how -- can hurt now that these mistakes in the past have -- public I need to apologize again. All those I have offended the went on to say. I was a kid then a man that -- -- -- SW at a Miley Cyrus she reportedly has been. -- again. -- -- 21 year old pop star was working away on tour in Europe police say a man and a woman scale offensive first San Fernando Valley property. Broke into her home with stealing a 2014 miles -- Roddy and an unknown amount of story. Seconds out of the past several months that Cyrus has been burglarized. Serena Williams he's -- some fun in the sun after her boss at the French Open. Williams was hanging out on -- beach in Miami when. She decided to crash a wedding the bride wore bites is an LC. Serena was all last candidates on a leopard print swimsuit -- the company. Couple didn't seem to mind that there and in that there aren't -- cast that was Serena posted a series of pictures of herself and her let her get up. -- including this one with the revealing view from the back not much -- and imagination there. Is hopeful. In the wedding -- with a leopard print from Telluride that was yet vital this shop there. Grammy winning singer songwriter. Melissa Etheridge and -- partner to be vigilant -- have been doing a lot of celebrating first both women turned 53 years old on Thursday. And then the pair tied the knot during an intimate ceremony in California this weekend they announced their engagement after the Supreme Court overturned a federal gay marriage ban last year. After the I didn't actors performed -- brand new songs you've written especially for her new front. Congratulations to them. All right moviegoers -- -- which -- lips and over the weekend earning about seventy million dollars for our parent company Disney will be right back this. Now.

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{"id":23953711,"title":"'The Bachelorette' Drama Unfolds Over 2 Nights","duration":"4:48","description":"Andi Dorfman's search for love included hiking in Santa Barbara and a performance by Boyz II Men.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-drama-unfolds-23953711","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}