Bachelorette week 4 recap

Bachelorette senior analyst Jack Sheahan gives us the play-by-play for this week's steamy episode.
3:33 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for Bachelorette week 4 recap
Skinny time though in the meantime at it feels like for ever since we've talked to. About ABC's of that direct it's time to catch up on Rachel in the men are due may get our chief senior global national bachelorette consulting analyst Wole. Sure if it now goes outage using. Those innovations as a result a lot of words first time long time here for the analysts expect it where were we. Eighteen die distorted this episode that didn't last long. Three guys got ousted straightaway Bryce dig. There at a here they ASE hadn't. All right fifteen guys left roll that beautiful bachelorette footage off to Hilton head. South Carolina they both of us this is Hilton Head Island the number one best island in the continental US. According to US rather according to travel and leisure magazine spot Hilton Head Island home of great golf courses and the bachelorette. Auction may be unfortunately for Hilton Head Island next. Start off with a one on one date with dean and Rachel his eyes or hear anything -- no doubt well they were even more driven when they went up beneath. Goodyear blimp it was a live now. Yeah there was who was critical. Dean doesn't particularly care for heights. But you know until the whole test being hung in there. They even did some drive in the blood etc. you get the idea and next they go to dinner this is when dean told Rachel about losing his mom. Nothing like ending a day like this a very successful bid Asher dead where they. The concert that day that they went to the dean folks is going to be around for a long time. Mix. The group gates. Current days yeah thirteen guys. On this noon tomorrow plenty of people who put a valid I I stuff. Going on on board the did put the real highlight. Of the whole thing was his spelling bees that they eventually got to. After all that's going on on board the boat. The spelling bee let's just say it was not. Company and bears the winner Joseph side. Doubt they presented him with a cup with a trophy as the white that was parading the couple accused. You want this pitcher Wimbley stadium I got the idea nor did the lord Stanley's exact exactly rather have that than anything else. That you next that night is when the drama really kicked the door this is the new producers pick next. Leave them yet now that wall boom is better there. Lee is kicking up all sorts of controversy. Michael Chaney is our friend having issues would leave. These guys we just never gonna get along let's put it that way things are apparently going to come to a head next week low on the bachelorette has been contained blood he shed. And it was that there was to be continued. At the end of this however before we end here next along kissed cats down. Kiss hello willow that kiss Canada. I was at. I. Pencils note yes she's getting there yeah. Next week shade they bachelorette. Double dip oh Monday night and Tuesday night's great hero and ABC. Hopefully we can do in this crowd out a little bit and get rid of some of these guys had to figure that analyst Allan thank you Jack. Spins out of here. Primary all right.

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{"id":48149310,"title":"Bachelorette week 4 recap","duration":"3:33","description":"Bachelorette senior analyst Jack Sheahan gives us the play-by-play for this week's steamy episode.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-week-recap-48149310","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}