Beach Getaway Guide for All Budgets

ABC News' Genevieve Shaw Brown shares the secret to a sunny beach vacation for any family.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Beach Getaway Guide for All Budgets
Hello and it in Broward crime. Rockaway beach in the fight and get away but -- think it's not nearly far enough -- woman up right now. -- where should we go -- little sunshine ABC news travel and lifestyle editor Genevieve -- brown has our getaway guide. Hey guys -- as you can see winter's not over -- not even close at one were still plague is going to send your over the edge it's time to -- -- -- vacation. About three different deals three didn't like. Really mark got a break up is -- -- -- -- beach getaway -- question. Hilton Head Island resort and -- offering a really cool -- packaged for 179 dollars and eight. We oceanfront -- complete access to one of resorts -- -- and has completely branch in the movie channels. And it personal empire penthouse -- your -- Perfect for smaller -- -- each granting the resort has three doctors nurses and people didn't hand -- pop and kids when you -- -- -- devoted to. And this is available through march 30 yeah. My next -- is for the adults only. Luxurious like dare resort the previous round of the checks doesn't even allowed children self no Kendall kiddie pool. This -- friend Jessica dot com puts the resort on sale for 390 dollars for today. -- Bob that -- 25% discount from the typical rate and 530 dollars per day. Prepared to reconnect -- -- because there's no going -- -- never missed another resort does have wide. The rate includes continental breakfast penguins -- -- -- me. Each has a private -- -- Here's the mountains into the Caribbean -- and we'll New Zealand -- -- -- dot com by February 20. Finally have a -- -- easy but tiny island resort as a private island getaway with just thirteen bungalows and we have a deal for you that 35%. Did steal from travels includes all meals. And complementary activities like snorkeling kayaking standup paddle boarding biking -- a village score an island tour categories down anymore. He also get one welcome cocktail for percent plus of all of wine and breakfast in bed 1 morning. Accommodations including king -- and private brand it was beach. The 449 -- -- -- price is based on -- seven eighths today. Five -- days go for 476. Dollars for travel march through May 2014. -- November 2014 through march 2015. The book by mark sixteen OK guys well enjoy this New York City called I'm off to Florida -- in this media. They were -- there again mind that I. Genevieve all right there's nothing like reliving some old vacations to -- in the mood for some new ones couple quick pictures my trip to the Philippines. That was a beautiful beach in board K -- -- if they say Philippines. -- -- -- -- -- New Tylenol jut out of the water he would believe the fish that I saw -- just just tremendous. There's a sunset cocktail in hand can you can feel it -- Urgent action. Feel sorry about you online I grew up at his feet so I don't even need to take a real vacation WL where we get their citizens from South Africa a little bit Coldplay and we're in the way it did the good -- leadership does talked about the -- -- -- -- -- And -- some pictures from a home -- to live there that was the view from my applied to move. -- -- in Daytona.

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{"id":22694376,"title":"Beach Getaway Guide for All Budgets","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Shaw Brown shares the secret to a sunny beach vacation for any family.","url":"/WNN/video/beach-getaway-guide-family-vacation-tips-22694376","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}